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Bred for Performance and Conformation

At Seta Kennels we are dedicated in the quality of our dogs, both the Papillon as well as the Chinese Crested. They are bred according to the standards of which the AKC (American Kennel Club),UKC (United Kennel Club) and FCI (Federation Cynologique International) have set for each breed. So when an offspring falls short of the set standards (in our judgement) we will occasionally have a companion that will need a home that is perfect for them. We are located in South Texas. 

Show Careers and Performance

We do breed for the best possible dogs so that also means concentrate on their personality traits as well. We want to make sure that all of our Papillons as well as Cresteds have the most outgoing attitudes for the ring and or the agility field, again some do not show the needed attitude so they are usually the best in a companion home. Both the Papillons and Chinese Cresteds are very trainable and do well in Obedience and excel in Agility. 

Our Dogs


More about our Papillons

Our foundation Papillons are mainly from a friend and fellow breeder in California Monica Palmero, owner of the Silvermorning's Papillons. My first Papillon from her was Silvermorning's The Heavenly Treasure also known as "Tyra" or second Papillon from Monica was Silvermorning's Ulysse Nardine also known as Lucian. Monica with her diligent studies on the Scandinavian bloodlines of papillons had created a beautiful representation of the breed, their structure as well as temperament to us was flawless. We had so much  fun with them that we decided on another male so  two years from our first papillon from Monica we purchased our third; Silvermorning's Classic Empire also known as Zack. 

Our upcoming events

San Antonio shows are right around the corner!! A four day dog show 

held at:

The Joe and Harry Freeman Coliseum Complex Exposition Halls A&B 

3201 E Houston St

San Antonio, Tx 78219


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Best place to be is outside the dog show ring so don't forget to ask about our show schedule!

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